Thursday, February 15, 2007

Intelligence Report a Reminder of Security, Economic Benefits of Renewables: Al Qaida to Take on Saudi's?

As a further reminder that an energy independent America is a more secure America, the intelligence website, Debka, is reporting that Al Qaida has announced new plans to target oil facilities throughout the Middle East and ignite a war inside Saudi Arabia - the world's top oil producer.


And so we have yet another reminder that our need for much higher mileage and clean-fueled vehicles is crucial not only for combating climate change and its impacts to our environment, economy, and quality of life. It is crucial for weaning us off of our increasingly precarious economic and security reliance on this most unstable region of the world. Surely, we can rise up and make happen an Apollo Project-type effort to get our economy off of its reliance on oil as soon as possible! Either we will do it by choice, or we will be forced to do it under the very unpleasant circumstances of an oil shock.

The Debka post is another example of how for so many of our problems - environmental, economic, health, security - sustainability is the answer.