Friday, February 10, 2006

Conservation Value Blog is Launched!


We are proud to launch the Conservation Value blog, a forum for discussion related to the mission of the non-profit sustainability organization, Conservation Value: to promote the benefits of sustainability by helping consumers, companies and government agencies find opportunities to simultaneously benefit the environment, save money and improve their health and quality of life.

Conservation Value aims to debunk the myth that protecting the environment is always harmful to the economy and to foster its replacement by positive vision of sustainability as the smart path to becoming wealthier, healthier and safer communities.

So come here to discuss, debate, share, detail, brag about, and let the world know how you, your business, your agency are benefiting from using green products, services and sustainable living, business and land management practices (for further definitions of "Green" and "Sustainable", visit the Conservation Value web site.

Even better, let us know what is NOT working and what we need to do to better advance sustainability.

I will post further thoughts here as they come.

Look forward to your contributions!

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