Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Transition to Clean Diesel in the U.S. Almost Complete - Now How About Some Hybrid Diesels in the U.S.!

The EPA has issued a press release, which many major newswires have picked up, that the transition to clean diesel fuel in the U.S. is almost complete.

I'm hoping that this opens the door to being able to buy a Toyota or Honda diesel in the U.S. sometime (very) soon. Ideally, a hybrid diesel. Such as Toyota's ES3 hybrid diesel, a more-than 5-year-old concept car that gets over 100 mpg! Or for my ecological field work, for which I need a high-clearance 4WD vehicle to access remote study sites, a hybrid diesel Toyota Hi-Lux.

If people who like the height and size of SUV's that get 10-20 mpg could purchase diesel versions, which get significantly better fuel economy, or better yet, hybrid diesel versions that get 40+ mpg, this would be a tremendous step toward both freeing America from dependence on foreign oil, and reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants. This is especially true because without any alteration, diesel vehicles can run on home-grown biodiesel, and in summer months in warmer climates, you can even mix in straight vegetable oil, including filtered waste oil that local restaurants will often give you for free.

If I could be driving a hybrid diesel that I run on biodiesel (and mix in waste vegetable oil to help local restaurants save money on waste disposal while I save big bucks on gas), I'd be one very happy and energy independent camper - with significantly reduced gas costs and more money left in my wallet to spend on travel, music, home improvements and all sorts of other good things.

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