Saturday, March 03, 2007

Future Cars - Beyond Fossil Fuels

Just back from a day skiing in the sun at Alpine Meadows, and what do I find on TV upon returning home and kicking back with a Lagunitas IPA?

An amazing show on Discovery Channel about 'future cars' that will take us beyond our addiction to fossil fuels.

Hybrids, electric, biofuels, solar, and even cars that run on compressed air!

Very inspiring. Kudos to the Discovery Channel for this series!

My one suggestion would be for them to have gotten more into cellulosic ethanol, rather than corn (which I am not a fan of as a source of ethanol - too inefficient, and too conflicting with food needs). I am increasingly wary of biodiesel as well, having read stories of tropical rainforests being cleared to plant oil palm for this fuel (e.g. in Indonesia and South America). I like the concept of producing cellulosic ethanol from our green waste - turning waste into fuel for our vehicles!

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