Thursday, August 02, 2007

Conservation Collies

Some friends have suggested that I post a few pics of our rare white collie, Qanuk, from recent camping trips.

We're not sure how old Qanuk is, as we got him from NorCal Collie Rescue after he'd been picked up off the street and brought to an animal shelter covered in burrs and very underweight. Maybe 1.5 to 2.5 years old, but based on his puppyish behavior, definitely not over 3 yet.

Since we picked him up in mid-March, we have been feeding him great food (Solid Gold), vitamins and more to boost his immune system. His recovery from mistreatment has been phenomenal -- he's gone from 49 lbs to over 63 lbs, really filling out his muscular frame!

Like our blue merle, Cody, who we lost in March at nearly 11 to complications from lymphoma (he was doing great, still romping through 5+ mile hikes, and then suddenly came down with pneumonia - probably more due to effects of chemo than the cancer, which was in its 7th month of remission), Qanuk has been truly wonderful. He is bright, sweet, sensitive, and doesn't need a leash (at first he'd run off to say hello to anybody or any dog, but he so loves to please that he became completely trained off leash in just two short months!)

Luckily, Qanuk's got very little baggage, and his personality is really beginning to blossom as he gains confidence. He's got a great sense of humor - very silly boy. One morning I woke up and he was lying on my bed with his back next to mine, and his head on the same pillow as mine!

Enjoy the pics, and have wonderful weekends!

-- Jon

P.S. I'll post more after Qanuk's next wilderness adventure...

(in order from top to bottom):
1-2. Qanuk, Spring 2007, along the Salmon River. Marble Mountain Wilderness, CA

3. Cody, Spring 2003, Napa County, CA

4. Cody, Spring 2005, Bear Valley, Colusa County, CA.

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