Sunday, November 11, 2007

Program: Advancing the Green Economy

CVI's goal is to educate citizens, businesses and decision-makers about how Green Economy solutions are immediately relevant to their daily lives.

The Need: Scientists are doing an outstanding job uncovering the challenges civilization faces due to climate change, unsustainable land use practices, and other threats to both our biosphere and human well-being. Our best experts recommend bold solutions – including a rapid transition to a clean energy economy – that are gradually gaining public support.

However, many citizens and decision-makers still aren’t convinced of the threats posed by climate change, or of the brighter future offered by the Green Economy. Citizens and businesses need a simplified understanding of what’s really in it for them in the Green Economy to make their lives better, and how, specifically, they can get involved.

CVI’s rare combination of scientific and communication expertise makes us uniquely qualified to carry out this program. Through our research and education projects, we closely follow hot topics in sustainability, and serve as a bridge by educating citizens and decision-makers in the ways that Green Economy solutions are immediately relevant to their daily lives.

We convey our message via multiple communication channels: via our blog, Conservation Value Notes, and our Online Sustainability Library; via contributions to the top green business blog, The Triple Pundit; by speaking at, moderating and producing educational events; by publishing book chapters, policy briefs, technical reports, and non-scientific articles and opinion pieces; and via media appearances.

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