Sunday, November 11, 2007

Program: Entertainment Industry Partnerships

CVI partners with musicians and events to actively involve fans in the Green Economy.

The Need: In spite of the massive and growing green marketplace, most people still need guidance to understand how they can get involved in – and benefit from – the emerging Green Economy.

To make this possible, citizens and businesses need a simplified understanding of what’s really green, what’s really in it for them to make their daily lives better, and how, specifically, they can get involved.  

To help meet this need, musicians and events are working to inspire fans to get involved in Green Economy solutions.  However, most need help from experts to identify the best solutions to recommend, and lack the time and resources needed to measure whether their messaging is effectively motivating fans to action, a key for assuring their time and resources pay off and make a difference.

If they are to achieve their potential of having a game-changing measurable impact on advancing Green Economy solutions, musicians and promoters need to engage in innovative partnerships with respected science, policy and communication experts, as well as with sponsors and other major funders.

CVI’s rare combination of scientific and communication expertise, which includes a successful track record at producing educational events, uniquely positions us to address this need via our Entertainment Industry Partnerships Program.  Since 2006, we have worked with major local and national events and artists to connect their audiences with green solutions, sell green booth space and sponsorships, and produce and participate in educational programming.

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