Saturday, December 22, 2007

Motivating Sustainability - Ingraining It in the Lives of Our Favorite Movie and TV Characters

I like this idea of advancing sustainability 'subliminally' by ingraining green products and practices into the daily routines of movie and TV characters. In the words of Paula Silver, founder of Beyond The Box Productions, which markets independent films:

"Social norming is about making behavior seem like you do it all the time," Silver said during a discussion on marketing green messages at the first annual Hollywood Goes Green conference in Los Angeles.

"It seems to me that if we can put some of these messages subliminally into the action so that you see somebody recycling, you see somebody turning off, pulling out their plugs," continued Silver. "It's about seeing and doing and creating that performance structure so that people say, 'I should be doing that.':

Very intriguing, and I'll bet it works to a fairly significant extent. After all, isn't the spread of recycling often attributed to folks seeing more and more of their neighbors doing it?

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