Friday, February 13, 2009

In Key First 100 Days Action, Congress Mulling Return of the Fairness Doctrine

Back in 2007, when I blogged about David Orr's '100 Days of Climate Action', one of the key actions that Orr recommended be part of the next President's 'First 100 Days' agenda was reinstating the Fairness Doctrine:

The president must craft a communications strategy that rapidly educates the public about the science of climate change and the risks of a delayed response, and shows a plausible way forward consonant with economic advantage and our national heritage. The goal is to create a broad and stable coalition around the national interest in climate stability that protects our long-term security and prosperity and distributes the costs and benefits fairly.

To ensure that the public is adequately informed, not mislead and deliberately confused, the president should direct the Federal Communications Commission, among other things, to reinstate the "fair and balanced" standard necessary to hold a license to broadcast over the public airwaves.

Well, today we have great news -- Congress is apparently mulling making it happen.

I often wonder how much of rural America's heavily Republican views stem from a lack of media balance -- in much of rural America, all you can get on the radio is conservative radio talk shows, country music, and evangelical radio. There is a complete lack of balance.

Restoring the Fairness Doctrine would be a huge victory for American Democracy. It will be a major step forward that helps make sure that voters all across America are properly informed about key issues in a (truly) fair and balanced manner.

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