Thursday, October 08, 2009

Workers More Productive In Green Buildings, Study Says

A new study has found that green buildings not only have a lower carbon footprint, use sustainably produced materials, and use safer, non-toxic materials.  They also boost worker productivity. 

Here's the summary from GreenerBuildings:

The researchers found that:
  • 54.5 percent of those surveyed agreed that workers were more productive in a green building. (42.5 percent agreed with the statement,12 percent strongly agreed with the statement and 45 percent reported no change.)
  • 45 percent reported employees had 2.88 fewer sick days. (Another 45 reported no change and 10 percent of the respondents, some of those who had moved to an Energy Star building rather than a LEED-rated building, reported an increase in sick days. Researchers noted that there are no indoor air quality requirements for Energy Star buildings, unlike the LEED system, which includes IAQ standards.
The researchers calculated that the increase in productivity translates to a net impact of $20.82 per employee, based on office space of 250 square feet per worker and using average salary as an index. The researchers also said the 2.88 fewer sick days equates to a net impact of $4.91 per employee, which also was based on the average salary among the tenants, an office space of 250 square feet and 250 workdays a year.

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