Thursday, May 18, 2006

New York Times: Special BUSINESS Section About Sustainability

From Vanity Fair to Wired, the emerging Sustainability Revolution has received a special issue of the The New York Times Business Section! Not the Science or Environment or Health Section--the BUSINESS Section!

We have linked to most of these stories in today's "Top Stories", "Business" and other appropriate news sections over at the CV web site.

Article titles include things like:
  • What's Kind to Nature Can be Kind to Profits
  • They Tilt and Whirl While Spinning of Cash
  • Shaping Restaurants to be Models of Efficiency
  • Panning E-Waste for Gold
  • Feel Good Investing with Profits Too
This wasn't happening just a few years ago. It is truly amazing to watch sustainability grow and to be a part of this emerging revolution.

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