Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anti-Gore Movie Crowd Pushes Myth That Stopping Global Warming Will Destroy The Economy

I guess it had to be expected, but with momentum building behind Al Gore's new movie, An Inconvenient Truth, people who are against progress (are regressive) when it comes to curbing global warming are resorting to the old "its gonna destroy our economy" myth.

This is where as a scientist and solution-focused sustainability specialist familiar with the many benefits of climate change solutions, I become extremely disappointed in mass media organizations like Fox News for being very irresponsible (see photo above). For example, when it comes to the importance of fighting global warming, does Fox News know better than:

1. The joint statement of the National Academies of Sciences of 11 leading world nations about the importance of fighting climate change?

2. The authors and publishers of the following articles reporting on and proposing ways that solutions to climate change will in fact (a) improve our economy, public health, economic and national security, and quality of life, and (b) help us avoid grave economic, health and security threats:
Just asking.

Society really needs the major TV news networks, who hold so much power over the public discourse, to step up a whole lot more than they have to properly inform the (voting) public about the opportunities offered by and threats to be averted by reversing climate change.

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