Monday, September 10, 2007

Report: Restoring Health of the Great Lakes Would Boost Economy

Today's newsletter from Grist arrived with a story about how cleaning up the Great Lakes would actually boost the economy.

As Grist reports:

According to a study released last week by the Brookings Institution, cleaning up and protecting the Great Lakes would boost the regional economy by some $50 billion -- and have a cost of only about $26 billion. Money spent to halt sewer overflows, clean up toxic spills, restore wetlands, and combat invasive species would create new jobs and at least $50 billion worth of benefits such as boosted tourism, higher property values, and attractive recreational opportunities, say researchers.

Hmmm, that's in sharp contrast to the common perception that doing what's right for the environment costs too much money, isn't it...

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By the way, you can find the full study about the economic benefits of cleaning up the Great Lakes here.

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