Monday, October 29, 2007

When Will Our Leaders Start Leading On Energy?

With oil soaring past $93 per barrel today, China starting to ration diesel, and everybody from airlines (are our days of flying numbered?) to farmers (rising food prices coming soon...), and consumers feeling the pinch (more are buying hybrids and car-sharing), when are our leaders going to see the writing on the wall and start leading us to a more efficient, clean, and secure energy future?

Just curious...

As a Union of Concerned Scientists official declared in one of the articles linked to above:

"What we really need on this broad level is for Congress to act to give us the patriotic cars that are going to relieve the pain at the pump, to reduce our dependence on oil," said Jim Kliesch, a senior vehicles analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists.

How much more pain can U.S. consumers take before it's clear as day to our elected officials that they either vote to do it or their jobs are toast?

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