Sunday, October 07, 2007

Where Has All the Oil Gone? Is Solar/Electric, Not Biofuels the Answer?

Does the price of oil and gasoline seem almost nonsensical to you?

In response to those who point to Peak Oil as the cause of increasingly volatile and rapidly rising oil prices, have you heard the counter-argument that "shenanigans" in the oil markets are as much to blame?

Well, the Wall Street Journal has a very interesting article on the subject...

My guess is that the answer is a complex combination of the above (and other) factors. But it's a fresh reminder of why I continue to push for the day that I can buy a solar-charged plug-in hybrid or plain electric vehicle. We've just got to move beyond reliance on oil for our energy and transportation needs - before a very unpleasant crisis forces the matter.

According to this UC Berkeley professor's presentation, biofuels just won't be the answer. Fascinating stuff!

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