Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How to Convince the Cynics of the Value of the Countryside

The Guardian covers the British debate about how to use ecosystem services to make conservation both possible and profitable:

If the value of ecosystems cannot directly be compared with the value of roads, airports and schools, then how can efforts to protect and conserve them hope to compete in a modern public and political debate? If Mother Nature is forever taken for granted as a free and limitless resource, will not action to protect her interests always be seen as a drag on development?

I love the comment on the need to rename the term, "ecosystem services" (something I've been thinking about myself -- it's way to too stodgy):

The first thing that needs to happen, many participants agreed, is that someone must come up with an alternative phrase to "ecosystem services" to describe the benefits, both direct and indirect, that arise from a healthy natural world. "It sounds like an electrician's term," one participant complained.

What do you think?

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