Saturday, November 07, 2009

Boots on the Ground: Gathering Data from Cow Pastures and Strawberry Fields

Our friends at The Triple Pundit have a series of guest posts about the efforts of the folks at Bon Appetit Management to explore and improve the sustainability of their supply chain. 

Makes for an interesting read...

One of the things I haven't seen people really talking about in terms of identifying sustainably produced food is that we really need more information about the sustainability of ranches from which beef and lamb comes from. 

Overgrazing is the number one cause of species endangerment in the American West.  In this arid to semi-arid region, some 80% of the species diversity is concentrated near streams, which are also cows' favorite places to hang out.  So between eating the vegetation, trampling soils and pooping in the water, they do a ton of damage. There are, however, plenty of ranchers who do a good job managing their operations, and should be rewarded somehow.

Avoiding meat (even meat that is local, organic and grass-fed) that comes from poorly managed, overgrazed ranches -- and rewarding those who are good stewards -- is an important component of responsible meat consumption.  When will we have a certification that helps consumers identify meat from well-managed ranches?

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