Friday, November 06, 2009

The Energy Winner Is: Doing More With Less - Efficiency Is the Answer

In this week's column, GetRealList energy guru, Chris Nelder, asks the question, "Can renewables replace fossil fuels?"  Not just in general -- but at a fast enough rate to offset predicted declines oil supplies over the coming decade.

Leading us through a fascinating analysis, Nelder concludes:

All of these factors–the declining supply, the pressures of the developing world on demand, the renewables gap, and the theorem of renewables substitution–underscore how crucial efficiency is to addressing the energy crisis.

It also underscores how profitable the entire energy sector will be for many, many years to come.

With supply maxed out, and demand at the mercy of a developing world, the name of the game now is doing more with less. More efficient vehicles and appliances, building insulation, co-generation…and all the other ways to eliminate waste.

I know it doesn’t have the sex appeal of, oh, say space based solar power, but it’s where the real gains will be made.

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