Saturday, November 21, 2009

Global Biodiversity Conservation: Gloom, But Some Promise

While the world's efforts to sustain biodiversity continue to fall short, the journal Nature reports that there are some silver linings to the continuing cloud of biodiversity loss:

Since the 2010 target was adopted in 2002, the Brazilian government has increased the proportion of land designated as protected by 25% and deforestation rates have been reduced by 60%. It plans to identify further priority areas for conservation over the coming year.

And in Sweden, 9 new marine nature reserves were established between 2007 and 2008, bringing the nation's total to 21 sites. A further seven marine protected areas and six no-fishing areas are planned by 2010.

A surge of further efforts can be expected before next October to ensure that countries will be able to report some positive news.

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  1. This is a comparable story of the initiative of Malaysia,Indonesia and Brunei which had together plans of a large project for protecting the Intire vulnerable Heart of Borneo(Kalimantan). There is said the protected area of the coming reserve of Borneo should become 224,000 square Kilometres,that's about half of France. It would be a good start .When the Chinese and Logging companies of the West get their dirty hands out of Papua,the Salomon's The Molucca's and Central Africa we could still enjoy it more and discover the greatness of the superb biodiversity in tropical forests for many decades to come ...Many thousands of vertebrates need to be discover and many millions of Invertebrates ,to tell us more about their habitat and their ecological relations with the Biotopes.