Monday, November 23, 2009

Sustainability and Employee Engagement: Anything Goes

Thinking about ways to introduce sustainability into your business and get your employees both involved and excited?

The Triple Pundit, reporting from a Net Impact Conference panel on employee engagement, says that what works typically differs from company to company, so take what you know about sustainability and think about how to plug it into your business's culture.  On encouraging employee involvement, the post recommends:
  • provide opportunity for employees to generate ideas (green teams)
  • allow employees the freedom to run with and implement their ideas (encourage passion!)
  • provide a format for sharing ideas across departments, locations, and countries (intranet, electronic newsletters)
  • start with initiatives that everyone can participate in (establish recycling programs, remove all Styrofoam products from cafeteria)
  • develop ongoing training programs (videos, podcasts, lunch & learns)
  • leverage the diversity of your company – allow for different ways to engage in sustainability initiatives (recycling, volunteering, leading a team)
  • communicate early and often and in different formats (signs, newsletters, conference calls, meetings, pod-casts, tweets)
  • make sustainability part of every employee’s job description
They provide additional recommendations for how to launch your program and change employee behavior.

The most important thing, the Net Impact conference panelists emphasized, is to do something, and not be afraid to get creative!

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