Friday, November 20, 2009

Study Shows Toxins Present at Birth

For all those people who think that reducing pollution is an "environmental" issue that we don't have time for in a recession, give this article a good read:

Pregnant women are often extra careful to avoid toxic products, like certain plastics and chemicals in household cleaners. But a new study of West Coast mothers shows those efforts only go so far. Babies are born already exposed to toxins linked to serious health problems. KUOW's Liz Jones reports.

A handwritten note on Kim Radtke's front door says "Please wash hands before holding baby." Her son, Konner, was born just about two weeks ago.

Radtke is one of nine women who took part in this recent study by the Washington Toxics Coalition. It's a non–profit that lobbies for tougher restrictions on toxic chemicals.

For years, Radtke's eaten organic food. She buys natural products, diligently reads labels and tries to avoid any toxic products.

Schreder: "You know ultimately, this isn't a problem that women can shop their way out of."
That's Erika Schreder. She's a scientist with the Washington Toxics Coalition. She says most people are exposed to toxins through food and everyday products.

Schreder: "So ultimately what we really need are new policies that will ensure that only the safest chemicals can be put in products. And that's really the only sure way to eliminate exposures."

As the father of an 11-week-old daughter, I find it infuriating that companies are still allowed to get away with using chemicals that accumulate in our bodies -- to the point that they are even in newborns.  Once again, what befalls the earth, befalls the people of the Earth...

When will we learn..?

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Here's news of a solution-oriented campaign from Seventh Generation...

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