Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Beermaker Shows the Way to Solve Climate Change One Business At a Time

I love climate change solutions, from the simple and obvious to the out-of-the-box. And I love me a good beer.

Here's a taste of both -- news of the sustainability and business successes being achieved by the makers of Fat Tire -- a favorite beer of mine since I spent my first summer in Boulder, back in 1994:

New Belgium Brewing Company has long been in our good books—from turning waste water into cash, to wind-powered energy efficient beer brewing, to working to bike more—these guys are serious when it comes to sustainability.

And it's nice to see a company like this doing well in venues across the country that are not just frequented by your traditional, environmentally-aware beer lover.

Mostly, Fat Tire is just a really good beer. In that sense, New Belgium has joined a small but growing rank of mainstream brands that create popular, widely available product, and just happen to also be deeply and profoundly mission driven. From Ben and Jerry's to Patagonia to Clif Bar, there are plenty of brands out there that appeal to mainstream consumers, many of whom don't even realize they are buying green.

And while shopping alone will not stop global warming, or reverse our unsustainable ways, as long as we live in a consumer culture, those consumers may as well be buying from organizations that promote renewable energy, slash energy use, support sustainable agriculture, and encourage greener transportation.

Chalk up another win for those of us who are confident that we can BOTH solve climate change and have a healthy economy teeming with jobs and profits.  Not to mention delicious beer...

For those of you who continue to spout the B.S. that solving climate change will wreck the economy, no Fat Tire for you!

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