Friday, January 22, 2010

Happier Living That Is More Sustainable

The State of Utah, of all places, has found a way to make life happier for its citizens in a way that also saves energy and money and slashed its greenhouse gas emissions.  It slashed the work week to four 10-hour days -- a change that has been a huge hit:

Today, two years on, 82 per cent of employees applaud the new hours, and hardly anyone wants to go back. Professor Lori Wadsworth carried out a detailed study of workers' responses, and she says: "People love it."
A whole series of unexpected benefits started to emerge. The number of sick days claimed by workers fell by 9 per cent. Air pollution fell, since people were spending 20 per cent less time in their cars. Some 17,000 tonnes of warming gases were kept out of the atmosphere. They have a new slogan in Utah – Thank God It's Thursday.

OK, once again it's time for those of you who blather on about how reducing emissions is going to wreck the economy to stick a bar of soap in your mouth.  Wrong again!

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