Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here Come the Electric Cars

The Triple Pundit provides a nice rundown of the electric and plug-in cars emerging on to the scene at the 2010 auto show:

A few other exciting vehicles on display in Detroit this week include:
  • An electric version of the Fiat 500 minicar boasting 150 miles per charge (according to British magazine AutoExpress.)
  • The Volvo C30 Electric Car — 90 miles per charge
  • BMW Concept ActiveE — 100 miles per charge
  • Mitsubishi MiEV — 80 miles per charge
  • Think City — 100 miles per charge.
In Another 10 Years…
Ten years ago, highlights at the 2000 Detroit Auto Show included gas hogs like the Chevrolet SSR and the Hummer H2.

There was only one electric offering back then, and that was the Think City.

Here we are today at the North American Auto Show, and there are nearly 20 electric offerings.

I can't wait to own one of these and reap the savings on gas, as well as the crushing it's going to give to my carbon footprint.

Even two and a half years ago, when I purchased the hybrid that I now drive, I immediately slapped on seat covers and pulled out the original mats so as to keep the car as clean as possible -- because I knew I'd want to trade it in for a plug-in as soon as they come out.

If I can ever afford to own a home in this economy, the plug-in will be charged off the power of our solar system!

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