Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hit By Crumbling Infrastructure and More Posts Coming Soon

Just back from some time up in the mountains while our home was cleansed of a mold outbreak.  We think it was caused by a buildup of water beneath our house that was triggered by a ruptured water main that sent water flowing literally out of the street in front of our house last year.  Our house is downhill from the street and the watermain flowed from the street all day.  It isn't too hard to connect the dots and hypothesize where all the water in the crawl space beneath our floor came from... 

Yep -- it appears that the growing problem of our crumbling infrastructure impacted our lives (and clothing) in a pretty inconvenient way.  We had a bunch of mold-covered shoes that looked like the one in the photo, and a splotches of black mold on the outside-facing walls in several of our rooms -- fortunately very little in the baby's room. 

The good news -- the incident gave both Suzanne and I an excuse to shed a whole bunch of clothing and other stuff that neither of us wear or use anymore.  What was not ruined is going to GoodWill.  It always feels good to shed stuff!

I'll be catching up on the latest in Conservation Value-oriented sustainability news over the next few days.

More posts coming soon...

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