Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Green Economy Promise: Carbon Trading and Software Sectors

One of the key pieces of technology that companies are going to need to help reduce their carbon footprints over the coming decade is software, and this industry is poised for a boom, says GreenBiz:

Separate reports out this week predict gangbusters growth for sectors that have sprung up to help companies and governments reduce their carbon footprints. Just-released research predicts the carbon management and services market will swell tenfold over the next seven years, billions will pore into carbon capture and storage technologies, and the emissions trading market will triple within four years.

"Regardless of what happened in Copenhagen, the low-carbon momentum has already begun to take root around the world," Pike Research said in an excerpt of its report, "Carbon Management Software and Services: Business Drivers, Policy Issues, Enterprise Adoption Patterns, Competitive Landscape, and Market Forecasts."

The report pegged the fledgling carbon management software and services market at $384 million in 2009, with potential to grow at a 44 percent compound annual growth rate through 2017, when its value will top $4.3 billion.

When I think about climate change solutions, software isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind.  For me, reading this story is yet another reminder of the incredible promise that awaits our economy as we get serious about solving climate disruption and executing our transition to clean energy technologies.

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  1. John Green11:02 AM

    This is definitely true, loosing the carbon footprints is as important as ever, and software development has come to stay, The amount of software created, and the complexity of it will also increase. Complexity and size is however not necessarily the same deal. I believe that it is possible to create very complex software systems that are still relatively small.

    But to take the responsibility for your carbon emissions is crucial. It is for instance possible to buy co2 quotas to raise awareness on the environmental issue, but also to take a stand in the act against climate change.