Saturday, January 09, 2010

Climate Disruption and the Growing Water Risk

Riding home yesterday, a story on NPR talked about growing water shortages and tensions in the Middle East, where diversions in Turkey have apparently left too little water for downstream countries like Syria and Iraq.  Entire villages have disappeared due to a lack of water. 

With climate disruption, it's only forecast to get worse.

In its usual timely manner, it turns out that McKinsey's latest newsletter focuses on charting our water future as a business and security risk.

Water is needed—in vast quantities—for farming, industrial activities, products, and services, but there’s not nearly enough of it, the shortfall is growing, and that might well lead to a global food crisis. Yet like any other problem, water scarcity also presents an opportunity. These articles examine both sides of the story.

Fortunately, a lot of the answers come in the form of efficiency -- doing more with less, which is better for both our own well being, better for the critters who we share the planet's water with, and of course money-saving.

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