Friday, October 16, 2009

Bottled Water Sales Down, But Why Are People Still Paying For It?

Treehugger has a good post that reports a small decline in bottled water sales, and then gets into the behavioral question of why people still spend way more per gallon on it than they do on gasoline:

I suspect that convenience and a recently acquired habit are major reasons why most people still buy so much bottled water. The BPA in water bottles thing didn't help. That said, there have been gradual social and political changes which have come to reinforce the convenience factor.

As we've reported here in the past, drinking bottled water is both a wasteful and environmentally destructive habit. If convenience is the motivation, what are other options?  Well, we use our own refillable stainless steel water bottles -- and they're pretty convenient (plus it's comforting to know I'm not drinking any plastic particles).

If your home drinking water isn't safe, the most eco-friendly option is to explore the wide variety of filtration systems.  A secondary option is to explore the re-fillable 5-gallon jug services, which are both cheaper per gallon than bottled water and generate far less waste. 

If you work for a business that insists on selling bottled water, what are your best choices?  The Better World Shopping Guide gives "A"-level grades to Biota and Ethos and "B"-level grades to Trinity, Crystal Geyser, Aquafina and Essentia.

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