Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reasons for Hope on Climate & Energy Legislation

After reading David Roberts' post on Grist detailing 7 reasons for optimism on passing the Senate Climate Make Renewable Energy Cheap and Create Millions of Green Jobs Bill, I feel...hope!

Ten years ago, every hot-sh*t entrepreneur, engineer, and investor wanted to change the web. Today they want to change the grid. They understand that clean energy legislation will unlock enormous business opportunities. Big companies want to get their hands on those opportunities, which is why they’re actively lobbying for a bill.

The majority of the American people want to see this bill passed.  They are tired of the economic instability, public health problems, security issues, and of course environmental catastrophes wrought by fossil fuel dependence.  Now the Senate needs to step up and deliver for its constituents.

Read the full Grist post>>

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