Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Educating Moderates on The Clean Tech Promise of Climate Change Solutions

When I read an exciting article like this, about how clean tech -- the core technologies of climate change and clean energy solutions -- is likely the next big thing for our economy, it just leaves me shaking my head to then read a bass-ackwards article like this, where Congressional officials from both parties -- including Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Minority leader, John Boener -- generate a false-flag storyline like: "key lawmakers fear taking big steps on the environment when the economy is still shedding jobs."

Um, haven't we already learned that the idea that climate change solutions is about just "the environment" and that they "will harm the economy" is old news -- debunked, stomped on, laughed at, as top business leaders call for action?  And that the costs of inaction are far greater than those of taking action?  As this new study notes, taking action now is key for reducing risk of catastrophic changes, not to mention the risk of a society-destabilizing Peak Oil crisis.

We don't need to rescue wingnuts like John Boener from their Flinstones-Fantasyland worldviews to steer the clean technology revolution where it needs to go to get ourselves on to a more secure, healthy, and promising  economic path.

But we clearly have some work to do educating moderates, such as the constituents of Blanche Lincoln (D - Arkansas) and Byron Dorgan (D - North Dakota), if we are to get a Climate Change Solutions Make Renewable Energy Cheap bill passed in the Senate. 

If you are in a swing state, please call your Senators at 202-224-3121 and ask them to support -- and even strengthen -- the Kerry/Boxer "Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act".

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