Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Bodes Well - The Military Discovers Renewables and Efficiency Solutions

OK, here's a more optimistic piece -- about the military's lesson in the strategic importance of renewable energy on the battlefield: 

This was the first time a frontline commander had formally requested renewable energy backup in battle. Without alternative power sources, the memo continued, U.S. forces “will remain unnecessarily exposed” and will “continue to accrue preventable ... serious and grave casualties.” Put in civilian-speak: Too many of Zilmer’s troops were dying in fuel convoys, and the relentless gasoline demands of the diesel generators were partly to blame.

Renewable energy was not an environmental consideration for Zilmer, it was a tactical necessity—a matter of life and death, of victory or defeat.

This development bodes very well for our clean energy future.  Remember, game-changers like The Internet were first developed for military purposes...

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