Saturday, October 24, 2009

Building a Climate & Energy Solutions Coalition: Hunters and Anglers

It might seem obvious why, but Treehugger posts about a new Reuters report about how hunters and anglers are concerned about climate change's impacts on their favorite past times and favor strong climate solutions legislation.  Says Reuters:

A 2008 NWF poll of over 1,000 hunters and fishers found that over half classified themselves as "politically conservative." The respondents were mostly white, male and middle-aged -- classic Republican demographic. Even so, 85 percent agreed with the statement: "We can improve the environment and strengthen the economy by investing in renewable energy technologies that create jobs while reducing global warming."

This should be a no-brainer of a partnership.  Especially at a time like now, when it's ever so urgent to put aside differences and focus on building the support needed to get strong climate change and clean energy solutions legislation passed -- whether you're concerned about energy security, fish and game, biodiversity, green jobs, or cutting off the flow of oil money to terrorists.

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