Monday, October 19, 2009

The Latest on Climate Change Science (and Powerful Reminder of the Importance of All This New Green Economy Stuff)

For those of you who are curious, this post from The Triple Pundit summarizes and links to some of the latest and best information on the science underlying climate change.

Leading experts have made good on a promise to update the climate change science in advance of Copenhagen, and they’re telling politicians that humanity is risking “abrupt and irreversible climatic shifts” from the accelerating pace of global warming. Rising global surface and ocean temperatures, surging sea levels, extreme weather events, and the retreat of Arctic sea ice* are all coming harder and faster than research suggested five or 10 years ago. The takeaway message is that politicians had better find a way to work together at the next international climate summit in December — or shortly after — or the results will be devastating.

The 36-page document summarizes more than 1,400 studies presented at an emergency climate conference held last in March in Copenhagen. The report said that greenhouse gas emissions are growing faster than expected, and evidence accumulates that the planet itself is becoming a factor. Some carbon sinks like the oceans and Canadian boreal forests are diminishing, and many places in the far north show signs of liberating methane into the atmosphere.

Quotes like this are a reminder of the importance of the solutions we're pushing for here...

As I often tell people, I find it literally jaw-dropping how climate change impacts that just a few years ago were predicted to happen by the end of this century are already happening.  But rather than despair, I choose to focus on helping turn the exciting solutions -- which we report and comment on here -- into reality...

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