Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cutting Out the Chemicals That are Bad for Ecosystems and Bad for Us

A couple of good news stories in the battle to reduce the use of toxic chemicals that are bad for both ecosystems and ourselves -- accumulating in human fat tissues and likely causing a range of scary maladies.

First the EPA is taking action, releasing a set of principles that reflect changes the Obama Administration would like to see made to the country's chemical management law.  This includes support for green chemistry efforts and requiring manufacturers to provide more detailed data on chemical hazards.

This is yet another area where it's just crucial to make sure that the best recommendations of scientists are adequately integrated into regulatory policy.  The consequences of failure to do so mean that toxic chemicals not only get released into our homes, ecosystems, soils and water supplies, but also build up in disturbingly high concentrations in our bodies.

If we're serious about reducing health insurance costs, we absolutely have to take care of causes of illness like this.

Second, Good Housekeeping is now getting going with its "Green Good Housekeeping" green seal of approval for safe household products.  It's first approved products include a bath wash by Aveeno, a Physician’s Formula moisturizer and five household products by Nature’s Source and cleaning products by Clorox Green Works.  More at GreenerDesign...

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