Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pollan Shoots Down Organic Myths at Grist Event

Here's an enjoyable read from Grist detailing comments from Michael Pollan and Tom Philpott about how we can make our food system more sustainable.

(S)ophisticated organic ag does exist.  Pollan disputed the idea that organic techniques are anti-technology.  Philpott agreed, pointing out that renowned farmers Joel Salatin and Will Allen use advanced technology to produce organic food—it’s just not the type of technology that Big Ag promotes and profits from.

Asked what the Obama administration is thinking on ag—sometimes veering in the direction of progressive change, other times whipping back toward the agrichemical status quo, as Philpott puts it—Pollan said the admin appears to be playing both sides of the street. Pollan related an anecdote in which the president implied that there needs to be a popular political movement for sustainable food before he can make big change—and suggested to his wife that this might be her issue. 

As CV Notes readers will know, improving the sustainability of our food system is one area that holds tremendous promise for improving the health of both people and ecosystems.

What do we do?  We buy organic fruits and veggies, triple-certified coffee (Organic, Shade-Grown & Fair Trade), grow our own organic garden and plant native wildflowers to attract pollinators, visit the farmer's market whenever we can, capture rain water and use it to water house plants and garden, when we buy beef it's organic and grass-fed, and more...  We also yearn to have our own chickens -- soon enough...


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