Thursday, October 01, 2009

Judge to BLM - Reconsider Impacts of Off Road Vehicles

I find few things more annoying than when my peaceful enjoyment of a beautiful place in nature -- be it The Lost Coast's Usal Beach, a creekside in the Eastern Sierra, or a desert canyon -- is shattered by the abrasive sound of a dirt bike or ATV.

All it takes is ONE ATV or dirtbike to disrupt the experience of people and wildlife alike for miles around.

Far too many drivers show absolutely no consideration for non-motorized users. It's a culture that stinks of obnoxiousness, disrespect and yahoodom.

I understand the need to allocate certain areas of land to motorized use. The smart thing to do is to let them ride in places of low biological value where they can't do much more damage -- like abandoned mines for example. Or garbage dumps.

As you might imagine, I took some pleasure in this news that a judge has ordered the Bureau of Land Management to do a better job of limiting their use in the Mojave.

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