Friday, October 02, 2009

Kerry, Boxer Introduce "Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act"

It's more important than Health Care Insurance Reform.

With climate change accelerating at a pace that our best scientists find alarming, and America still suffering from its bad case of oil addiction, Senators Kerry and Boxer yesterday introduced the Senate's version of the Climate Bill Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.

Our friends at Grist did a good job compiling reactions from across the web. Here is Climate Progress expert, Joe Romm's, rundown.  And the rundown from Sightline Institute.

If there ever were a bill that the well being of America and the world really depended on, it is this one.  We are facing some epically interesting times right now, as the Antarctic and Greenland Ice sheets -- the ones that affect sea level in a big way -- melt surprisingly quickly.  The impacts may be downright weird -- not just sea level rise, but also things like a rise in tectonic activity as the melting of polar ice caps causes a redistribution of weight on the earth's crust, water and food supplies become more uncertain, and who knows what else we discover we have messed with. 

The good news -- we have before us the opportunity of our generation to revolutionize our economy, create millions of lucrative and patriotic jobs proliferating technologies that free America from dependence on oil, and in doing so accomplish more in the fight to defund and defeat terrorists than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.

Kerry and Boxer were right to call their bill the "Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act".  It ain't perfect, and I hope the bill President Obama finally signs better reflects the recommendations of top experts.  But passing this bill is a historic, and game-changing, opportunity that we have to pull out all stops to execute on.

Call your Senators - 202-224-3121, and ask them to support this bill.  For the sake of our economy, our security, our health, our quality of life, and of course this beautiful planet.

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