Monday, December 14, 2009

Americans' Attitudes Toward Environment Aren't Reflected in Actions

According to a new survey, Americans are all talk when it comes to green actions.

Sometimes it is easier to think green than be green.

A recently released survey suggests Americans have largely embraced recycling bottles and cans, and are inclined to turn down thermostats to save energy. But it also indicated that some paths toward a greener Earth are not as easily taken — or turned into action.

About 45 percent of those surveyed embraced the idea of gas-electric hybrid cars, but only 1 in five said they were very likely to buy such a vehicle, and half said they were "not at all likely" to buy one.   "They're too expensive right now," said Vaughan Oliver in a follow-up interview. "You would have to have one for years and years and years to make it feasible to pay for itself."

Not that this is anything we didn't know already, but it's always interesting to reflect on the implications of numbers like this for getting the right incentives in place...

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