Monday, December 14, 2009

A New Tip in a "Conserving Energy Saves Money and Emissions" List

We've all seen the lists of top 10 ways to save energy and money, while also helping to reduce pollution.  So when I saw this article from the Toronto Globe and Mail, I just gave it a quick gander, figuring I'd move on to post about something more interesting.

But then I saw a new tip that I hadn't seen before -- for reducing energy use of your refrigerator.  Get this:

Keep a bottle of ice in your refrigerator. Take advantage of the colder temperatures outside by filling a 2 L plastic pop bottle three quarters full of water and setting it outside until it freezes. Then store it in your fridge until it thaws. The thawing water helps keep your fridge cold so the motor runs less often.

I'll have to give it a shot -- sounds simple enough...

Has anybody else found this to work, or measured its impact, for that matter?

Read the full article>>

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