Wednesday, December 09, 2009

ClimateWorks Is Carrying Out A New Global Strategy

I just read through this very interesting article about ClimateWorks, established just 18 months ago to educate businesses and governments around the world in energy efficiency and related best practices.

ClimateWorks grew from a 2007 report, “Design to Win,” financed by Hewlett and five other foundations to analyze how philanthropists could combat global warming.

The study showed which sectors of the global economy produce the most carbon and outlined steps to help reach the ambitious “30 by 30” goal — reducing annual heat-trapping emissions by 30 gigatons by the year 2030. Mr. Harvey expanded on that analysis to create ClimateWorks.

“We have the best data in the world on how to prevent climate change,” he said. “Everything was ranked by magnitude, location and sector. It’s a systematic approach to problem solving.”

ClimateWorks gives grants to regional foundations. These, in turn, work with networks of experts to promote the best practices in fields like vehicle emission standards, building codes and energy efficiency.

“Best practices make sense,” (Board Chair) Mr. (William K. )Reilly said. “We are asking people to do things that are in their own economic self-interest and also benefit energy efficiency and the planet.”

Before this article, I read through a piece about the challenges and promise of plug-in hybrids.  We are truly living in revolutionary times, watching a great transformation of society right before our eyes.

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