Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Sustainable Values Can Bridge the Conservative - Progressive Divide

Posts like this serve as a reminder of just how possible it is for the Green Economy movement to reach new constituencies.

It's a fascinating little story of a massive and highly conservative evangelical church hiring a small and highly progressive Jewish consulting firm to assist it in achieving sustainability goals:

This particular Church is interested in creating a continuum of care for its congregants, a cradle-to-grave development that most of us would recognize in one way or another as good ol’ mixed-use, mixed-income community development. And, as trustees of church coffers, they are interested in energy-saving strategies and water-conservation technologies that reduce costs for its constituents - thus making them similarly invested in being good stewards of our natural capital. In short, a conservative Church finds itself breaking bread with a progressive business on a sustainable real estate  venture.

I think this is one of the arenas where true paradigm change takes place: building a bridge across one of the most marked socio-political chasms in American culture.

There's more outstanding food for thought in this piece -- enjoy...

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