Friday, December 04, 2009

The N.Y. Times' Friday Climate Change Faux Pas

Why do so many Americans still think that climate change remains an issue of "debate" that is not yet settled by scientists, even though our planet's top scientific societies have repeatedly stated their consensus?

Why do so many Americans seem to think that climate change solutions are more about mitigating threats to distant polar bears than about avoiding very real and very dangerous threats to our environment, economy, public health, security and quality of life alike? Not to mention about capitalizing on bountiful opportunities to create clean technology and other green jobs, free us from exposure to risky oil markets, improve our national security and public health, and so forth?

Well, I just copied this directly off of the N.Y Times' home page:

Climate Change Conversations

Share your thoughts about the climate change debate and the international conference on global warming being held Dec. 7-18 in Copenhagen.

"Debate"?  A Polar Bear?


Certainly, the esteemed N.Y Times can do better than this...

Wishing you all a great weekend.

- Jon Gelbard

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