Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Be a Sustainability Change Agent

Good post on The Triple Pundit, reporting from a workshop on how to be a sustainability change agent.  Says the author:

The take home message–a Change Agent needs to create alliances with Innovators and Transformers and avoid the negativity of Curmudgeons, Laggards and Reactionaries (see Chapter 9 of the book for more strategies on the Amoeba). AtKisson concludes Chapter 9 by saying, “Life is too short, and the stakes are too high, to waste time trying to sell ideas to people who oppose them, resist them or kill them–or who will sap a Change Agent’s energy.”

Like I often say, I'm not trying to convince everybody of the benefits of our transition to a Green Economy.  Just the right people needed to make it happen.  As for the 30-35% of folks who are still stuck out there in Earth is Flat Land, I don't waste my time trying anymore.  These extreme conservatives are so stubbornly brittle in their thinking that I might as well be speaking to a pet volleyball...

While the types of steps recommended in this 3P post are overall pretty intuitive, it's important to remember that there will always be naysayers, as there have been confronting every great change agent -- from those who brought about the rise of the automobile to those who first realized that the earth is round.

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