Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Endgame: Pictures of the Climate Change Imperative

Reading this post by the Triple Pundit, I was absolutely blown away by the above photo, which was captioned, "A man pumps water from a well on the beach at Kuakata. People here say the shoreline was three miles distant just 15 years ago. Kuakata, Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. Photo Credit: Philip Blenkinsop / NOOR."

Clearly, as the author states:

Climate change doesn’t merely affect endangered species in far off corners of the globe; it is increasingly impacting people’s livelihoods, our agriculture, and the production of commodities.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the developing world. The series of pictures included here are from a photo essay in Endgame entitled “The Ark,” which is focused on laborers in Bangladesh. It draws upon the human element, those who are already witnessing the effects of climate change. As water levels drastically change, people who subsisted on the tenuous balance between bodies of water and impoverished, underdeveloped lands are finding the need to rethink, in the words of Rosenblum, “their very survival.”

As people become displaced from places like Bangladesh and island nations like the Maldives, which face rising sea levels, or from places where drought renders land unfarmable and thus uninhabitable, we face a humanitarian crisis that somebody's going to have to pay for -- or at least try to... 

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