Thursday, December 03, 2009

Major Sea Level Rise Likely As Antarctic Ice Melts

A new report predicts a sea levels are going to rise enough by the end of the century to displace millions, says the BBC.

Sea levels are likely to rise by about 1.4m (4ft 6in) globally by 2100 as polar ice melts, according to a major review of climate change in Antarctica.

Conducted by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), it says that warming seas are accelerating melting in the west of the continent.

The report - Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment - was written using contributions from 100 leading scientists in various disciplines, and reviewed by a further 200.

SCAR's executive director Dr Colin Summerhayes said it painted a picture of "the creeping global catastrophe that we face".

"The temperature of the air is increasing, the temperature of the ocean is increasing, sea levels are rising - and the Sun appears to have very little influence on what we see," he said.

"Warmer water is getting under the edges of the West Antarctic ice sheet and accelerating the flow of ice into the ocean," he said.

We know that the Arctic's ice, including Greenland's, is melting faster than expected.  To have this kind of news coming out of Antarctica is just not good for the range of cities -- and people -- that will be (very expensively) impacted.

How can we project how this is going to unfold moving forward?  One way is to look at pictures of how much has changed over just the past few decades.

A note to climate change deniers: if you're going to comment on my blog, unless your commentary is backed up by sound scientific facts and is stated in a civil manner, I will not publish it.

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